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The day I wed, I didn’t suffer foot aches like it often happens with new shoes in this kind of moments.

Shoes never made me suffer, and I even wore them for fifteen hours while dancing, walking, and so on.

The secret?


Yes, it’s true:

I was young and 29 years ago my feet were surely more elastic than now, but the true reason is that my shoes were always made by my future father-in-law, the great “Peppino il Calzolaio” (shoemaker).

Made out of a shiny black soft leather, they adapted perfectly to my feet and the fact that I still remember it shows how much this experience hit me and it gave me comfort.

If I had enough money, I’d buy everything tailored.

Imagine a dress made by a tailor that hides your true and imaginary flaws, a shirt with the right neck, pants that make your hips look slimmer, shoes that make you look like a giant without heels but… I always end up adapting to the standard, maybe because of time or money or because that’s how… everyone else does it.

But if a dress lasts a little more than a season, a kitchen lasts for many years and it costs much more.

The kitchen is where the house’s core lies, and from its functionality derive many benefits that go from energy and time saving to the correct way of cooking and better food storage and, eventually, our wellness.

And if you just need a number like “the 50” or “the 52” for a dress, you’ll need a lot of them, and if you don’t want any trouble, it has to be customized by an expert.

But how much does a tailored kitchen cost?

You can find the answers in many of my blog’s articles in the “kitchen” category.

There are many articles that teach how to correctly design a kitchen. They’re still for free and if you don’t like to study you can come see us in Alberobello (Bari, Italy) or either send us a mail.

A well designed and well installed tailored kitchen will make you jump of happiness for many years.

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immagine dal web

And if jump so hard that your feet hurt… I’ll introduce you to Peppino!

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